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Top Moments from 意大利贵宾会登录’s 197th 毕业典礼 Ceremony

Jeff and Janet Honorary Degrees from 意大利贵宾会登录
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The in-person graduation ceremony for the 2021级 was a moment of catharsis and celebration for our entire community. After 15 months of COVID-19 policies which tested each of us in ways we have never been before, we were able to gather, 给拥抱, 看到微笑. Tears were shed and joy was felt. We are not ready to stop celebrating, so for those who would like to continue alongside us, here are some of the top moments from the 毕业典礼.


In addition to remarks from Cheney and an invocation from School Chaplain, Reverend Myung Park, students gave moving speeches that signaled wisdom beyond their years. 

2021’s student speakers, in order of appearance, were the incomparable Mel V. ’21, Em. F .21年,Adhit D. ’21. Mel quoted “The Office” and talked about how their class came together as a community and a family. 

“Despite every hardship, obstacle, and world pandemic...we stand before you with our futures in hand. Not even a global crisis could stop the class of 2021,” 梅尔·V. ’21

Em talked about realizing a dream of speaking at graduation, one born in freshmen year. 

”回顾, I wish I could tell my little Freshman self that things will turn out to be better than I ever thought possible because they have. 意大利贵宾会 has become a second home to me.” —Em. F.’21

最后, Adhit talked about finding his way to 意大利贵宾会 by following in his brother’s footsteps, a decision which he felt was the best for him. 

“I wanted to do the same thing as my older brother. Little did I know I was about to tag along for the ride of my life. Little did I know I was about to start the best years of my life,” -Adhit D. ’21

You can watch the whole of the 2021 Graduation Ceremony, including the speeches, on our YouTube channel. 

Awards and Accolades

While there are customary graduation-specific awards each year, this year’s commencement included the senior academic and athletic awards as well. Here, in order of presentation, is a list of the winners:

  • 理查德·C. 壕奖: 托马斯·F.
  • The Environmental Studies Award: 汉娜P.
  • The Carol Heath ELL Award: Jiazheng “Oscar” W.  ’21
  • 欧文·H. 摩尔奖: Tengxiao “Jerry” L. ’21 

  • The Masterman Dramatics Prize: 依据其“杰西卡”Z. ’21 

  • The George Dunn Award for Excellence in Theater: 丹尼尔·W.
  • 艾拉维. & 威廉F. Morse Instrumental Award: Josi P. ’21 and Laurie Anne H.
  • 约翰O. 牛顿奖: 德莱尼F. ’21

  • The 社会研究 Award: Em F. ’21

  • The Gifford “Giff” Ewing Class of 1966 Award for 2D Art: Josi P. ’21

  • The Guy “Chip” Williams Class of 1968 Award for 3D Art: Jiazheng “Oscar” W. ’21
  • 弗朗西斯一个. 戴维斯奖: Adhit D.
  • The Distinguished Scholar Award: 托马斯·F. ’21
  • The Girls Athletic Association Award: 玛德琳年代. ’21    

  • The Liz Cross Mellen Award: 约旦B. 和安东尼H.
  • The Rutgers Prize: 托马斯·F. ’21

  • J. Faye Luce Adell Award: 丹尼尔E. ’21

  • The Newton (Bud) Brooke Award: 托马斯·F. ’21
  • The Winston Taggart Award: 德莱尼F.
  • The MELMAC Scholarship: 凯莉年代. ’21

  • The Head of School Award: Em F. ’21

  • The 社区 Service Award: 卢卡·H.
  • The International Student Award: 米歇尔·B. and Tengxiao “Jerry” L. ’21

  • The 社区 Life Award: 科迪C. ’21
  • The Lois Masterman Award: 玛德琳年代. ’21

  • The Class of 1913: 凯莉年代.
  • 丽迪雅的 & Luther Sampson Award: 约旦B. ’21

  • The Knowles Prize: Yingxin G“亚历克斯”. ’21 

  • The Rist Bonnefond Person of Principle Award: Adhit D. ’21

Congratulations again, everyone! 


Alongside the 2021级, Janet Dunn and Jeff DeHaven, with over 70 years of combined service, gradu-retired. Both received honorary diplomas, and in the words of Head of School, Chris Cheney at the end-of-year celebration for the team, “now you have to come back because you’re graduates!”

Cheney gave personal speeches about each stating things like “DeHave does things 100%. If you are going to do something you do it full or nothing—teaching, 训练, 责任, driving the yellow fella bus. All in, all the time,” and “Mrs. Dunn believes in young people and helps them to believe in themselves.” 


It was an incredible day on The Hill and we know there will many more filled with sunshine and connection in the future. 


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